"I’d rather have you cursed or not." "Don’t ever change." "I’m hunted, I rebelled, and I did all of it, for you." "We’re family" "Dean and I do share a more profound bond." "The stench of the impala’s all over your overcoat, angel." "I’m not leaving here without you." "Don’t’ make me lose you too." "You and I…" "I need you."
The Power Of Love
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Control your fear, its clear that you do not know where you’re going to - SN: 9x23
Matt Corby - Resolution

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small part of the whole picture.


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au where cas dies and dean is so heartbroken that he keep’s cas’s coat and has frequent nightmares about his death and OH WAIT


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when he is over 6ft tall - Vy Le x

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Yes, I understand. Promise my family will be okay and I’ll do it… Then, yes

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cas is so fun to draw :>

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Team Free Will, from my AU season 10 fanvid series.

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